Sharing is Caring

... and I can't pass up free food!

I am forever trying to share my bad food with other people: chips, popcorn, brownies... but in the long run it doesn't help them and eating so many bad foods is hurting my body too.  I think my weight loss journey begins with self-realization.  I am human.  I am bound to snack.  It is what I do-- I am a perpetual snack-a-holic.  I snack when I am at work (I work at a desk), I snack at home while watching TV, and even snack when I am on the go.

My solution to that?  Eating something healthier on the go!  I can still get my snack on while helping curb some of those evil calories.  My dilemma though is knowing what to try.  I hate nothing more than getting an expensive box of something that claims to be 'healthy' and tastes like poo.  The solution?  Kashi is giving away free snacks!  No joke!  I just signed up for my free snack and should be getting it shortly.  Even better is the widget they have where you pick your addiction and it gives you a replacement.

You can get your free snack too at:

All I can say is while I have never had them, they look mighty delicious:

Now... go get your treats (because you only have til 9/19),

Happy snacking!!  :)


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