Hi. My name is Perfectly Plump and I'm an eater-aholic.

So, I have decided I am neither 'plus-sized' nor 'thin' I fall into this weirdly vast chasm where nothing in any department fits me right.  Lord knows I am too big for the Juniors department, and I am not big enough for the Plus Sized section.  That's what the Ladies section is for... right?  You would think so, but it doesn't work that way.  I feel as though nothing I wear fits, and nothing in the store is designed for me.  I am smaller than I look, but feel huge underneath.  I am five foot seven and weigh about 190 pounds, and as you can see from here I have some major overhauling to do:
 As you can tell... I am probably a hard fit.  I think some of this is sheer laziness and bad eating habits (I admit I have an addiction to chocolate bridge mix!), but some of this is pregnancy weight.  I gave birth to my little one 18 months ago, and while I love her, I have never put the weight on I gained.  She is a cute tot, thugh!

I am creating a blog because I wan to do a few things with it:

1.  Share what I learn and learn from others.
2.  Find a way that forces me to keep myself accountable; nothing like holding yourself to other people for that!
3.  Get down to a size 12 (would love a size 10!  At the moment I am a size 16 in Ladies)
4.  Keep up with my little one
5.  Motivate my husband to want to be smaller also

More than anything though... I just want to be happy!  I want to be happy in my skin and looking at it.  I want to be healthy and a good role model for those people I am around, and hopefully I will make some lifelong friends in the process.

I hope to chat with you soon!

-Pefectly Plump


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